When It’s Your Breakfast, Brunch or High Tea – It’s Papparoti !!

Perky Souls visited the newly launched @Papparoti at Viviana Mall, Thane. We were warmly welcomed by the attendants and by Darshan and Abhishek.

The Place had warmth and was proper to spend an evening with friends and chatting with them. Its also serves as a place to work with your laptop and the best accompaniment are the Papparoti’s Buns !!

We were served with Paneer Tikka Sandwich, which was a perfect mix of paneer cubes blended with spices and served in between bread which had a mild flavor of Lemon infused in it. The next platter were Spinach Corn sandwich,Pizzas,Barbecue chicken sandwich, Cappuccino, Lotus Frappe, Pappa Tea and last but not the least Nutella Bun.

My personal favorite was the Spinach and Corn Sandwich, it was a perfect healthy plate  where we could taste the spinach and corn mixed in cheese sauce. It was proper blend of cheese sauce where it wasn’t overpowering the taste of spinach and corn. The whole mixture served in between brown bread, so the whole dish gives a healthy start to your day !

Barbecue chicken sandwich had a perfect flavor of smoked chicken blended in barbecue sauce. Cappuccino was the perfect cup of coffee for those who loved a little strong one but not too much! Lotus frappe had amazing touch and flavor of caramel and it is a blessing for caramel lovers.

Pappa Tea was a surprise to us !! The tea at papparoti is  imported from Dubai and Malaysia and the tea is made in Condensed  Milk or Milkmaid to give you richness and creamy flavor to your cup of Tea.

Last but not the least, the buns of Papparoti are to die for ! We just fell in love with the Buns, it was super soft and to add to it , it was topped with Nutella and Hazehlnut. What else is required to make your day perfect !!

Overall experience was just too good for the evening and a must visit with your gang though it may be friends or colleagues !!


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